Lombard Rally Bath - VIP Packages


Take Part in Lombard Rally Bath - drive or co-drive - or Attend the Rally Dinner. Make unbelievable memories!

We offer a limited number of VIP Packages to co-drive in a Ford Escort or Vauxhall Chevette HSR with an established rally driver, or to drive on the event in one of our Ford Escort Mk2 rally cars. You will have the option of attending the Rally Dinner in the Georgian surroundings of the Assembly Rooms in Bath on Saturday evening, with a partner if you wish. To complete the VIP Package, you have the option of staying in Bath at either the MacDonald Bath Spa Hotel, the Francis Hotel, or at the Limpley Stoke House.

Our co-driver package gives the unrivalled opportunity to experience what it is like to be the "sack of spuds" in the left hand seat of a 1980 specification Ford Escort RS or Vauxhall Chevette HSR with an established rally driver guiding you around the event. You will navigate the car around the 120 mile route, visiting the ten special stages tackled on Lombard Rally Bath. 

You will arrive at 8.00 a.m. on Saturday 17th October at Bath Racecourse to meet your driver and receive tuition on how to read the Tulip diagrams in the period style roadbook on the event. You will then set off around the route, with lunch and drinks included in the day. The cost of this is £300.00. Should you wish to also attend the Rally Dinner, held in the opulent Georgian surroundings of the Assembly Rooms in Bath, that will add a further £85.00, a second guest ticket for a partner will cost a second £85.00 - £470.00 in total. A personalised DVD of the event will add a further £29.99 to your day's entertainment, as a momento. 

Our ultimate package for the day gives you the opportunity to drive one of our Ford Escort RS1800 hire cars, as shown above, on the event, with a friend or partner sharing with you in the left hand seat! What a buzz! You will arrive at Bath Racecourse on Friday Afternoon, to receive tuition on driving the car, plus your co-driver will receive training on their duties. You will then join the other crews taking part in Lombard Rally Bath at a social get together at the Langridge Stand, with a buffet dinner. On Saturday morning you will again start from the Bath Racecourse to complete the 120 mile route and ten special stages in your Escort Mk2, co-driven by your chosen partner on the event. This is a memory you will dream of for the resat of your life! In the evening you will join the other crews and rallying personalities at the Rally Dinner - all included in the £1,500.00 cost of this package. As with the co-driver package, should you wish to bring up to two guests to the Rally Dinner, they will be charged at £85.00 per head. 

For either of the driving or co-driving packages, you do not need a Competition License or special equipment. 

Rally Dinner Tickets - Should you wish to attend the Rally Dinner having not taken part in Lombard Rally Bath, the cost is £100.00 per head, or a Table of Ten costs £850.00. You will be joined by the entrants to Lombard Rally Bath, plus a selection of motorsport and rallying personalities to tell tales of the day, plus past successes, or failures! In 1980 the iconic late Henri Toivonen won the Lombard RAC Rally, based in Bath, with Bristol's Paul White navigating. To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of that victory, in a Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, plus Henri's second win in 1985 with Neil Wilson navigating - the first victory for the Group B Lancia Delta S4 - we will be joined by Henri's younger brother Harri, plus members of those teams. What an experience attending that dinner will be. 



The Rally Car co-driving is available to over 18 year olds only. The drives are available to those over 25 years, with a full driving licence of more than five years, road insurance will also be needed. Both will only be available to people who can fit into the relevant car.