Lombard Rally Bath, spectating live on October 17th near Cirencester, presented by Cooper Tire and Rubber


Lombard Rally Bath will contain one spectator spot that you can visit. The Festival of Rallying will be open from 9.00am and we expect cars to run until 3.30pm. Between visits from Lombard Rally Bath entrants, other cars will entertain you on the stage. Location information will be supplied after purchase - we will simply tell you that it is near Cirencester in Gloucestershire. There will be very strict conditions to entering the spectator enclosure - if you breach them you will be asked to leave - in line with the Government's COVID controls. Firstly, no entry will be permitted without advance ticket, with track & trace information provided. Secondly, on arrival you will be directed to your "bubble" in which you will park your car, facing the stage. You must not leave the bubble. except to visit the lavatory, when you should wear a face mask. Thirdly, we ask that you comply with all of the social distancing regulations in place. Finally we ask that once you have joined us, that you stay in place for as long as you wish to - if you leave it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to re-enter.  

There will be very limited numbers available. Please book your car in, with up to five passengers. Food and beverages will be available to order which will be delivered to your "bubble". A menu will be sent out during the week before the event, please order in advance if possible. 

Sorry about all of the tough stuff above - we have to comply with the relevant COVID-19 regulations. We will do all that we can to guarantee you a great day's entertainment, with the entrants making a number of visits to the stage - demonstrations of other rally cars and other competition cars will take place. Interviews with motorsport personalities and entrants to the event will take place during the day and a commentary by Mark Stone and Sarah Hall will help you to identify the entrants. 

If you do not want to attend our Festival of Rallying, the whole day can also be accessed from the comfort of your internet enabled device at the following  https://lombardrallybath.ticketco.events/uk/en/e/lombard_rally_bath_tv__live_coverage_with_cooper_tire_and_rubber

Welcome to the UK's first and premier Rally Tour with Untimed Stages, which has also become the UK's first hybrid historic motorsport event. 



Entry will be advance booking only. You and your passengers will need on the day to state that they have not been subject to COVID-19 symptoms or come into contact with anyone who has, within the previous fourteen days. Failure to comply will result in non-admittance.